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  • 12 Easy to follow video lessons Learn at your own pace
  • Tools to help you train Download tools to help your development as a competitor
  • Access to coaching timeOnline members get direct email access to coaching from Brian Lomax
  • Improved performance & resultsYou’ll see improved confidence, focus and performance! You will become Mentally Tough!


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MP900430594As much as my physical training regimen and conditioning allowed me to find success this year on the football field, the hours I logged with PerformanceXtra has been equally, if not more important. PerformanceXtra is the base on which I now stand for my development as a human being and beneficial member of society.Mackay Lowrie – Quarterback, University of Rhode Island

Man Serving Tennis BallPerformanceXtra helped me identify my core strengths, and redefined my metrics for success during matches.

Equipped with the tools Brian gave me, within two months, I began to play better than I’ve ever played, and I began to win tournament matches. I’ve since reached the finals of the last two tournaments I’ve played. I feel excited and energized because Brian has helped me tap into the potential I knew I had in me, but couldn’t reach myself. If you’ve come to the realization that you need help to fortify your mental toughness, whether for casual or competitive play, I couldn’t recommend PerformanceXtra more.Tim Desai – Competitive Tennis Player

Here’s What You Get

For just $200, over 80% off the in-person pX Training Program price, you get:

  • lifetime access to videos and tools to help you be a great competitor
  • email access to coaching from Brian Lomax, the creator of the pX Training System
  • a proven system for developing your mental and competitive skills
  • a goal setting framework that will help you achieve anything you want in life
  • the confidence to trust your game when you need it
  • the focus of a champion

Start your free no-obligation trial today – no credit card required