Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who benefits from mental toughness training?

Answer: Mental toughness is not only necessary for success in sports, but also in life. Performing your best in the classroom, the boardroom, the concert hall or the gym requires confidence, self-belief, focus, persistence, resilience, and strong ethical character. Everyone benefits from mental toughness training.

Question: With my current training and conditioning program, will I have time for mental toughness training?

Answer: Most elite athletes and other experts agree that great performance in sports is mostly mental. If you want to reach the next level, that means you have to make time in your schedule for mental toughness training. Once you make that commitment, you’ll see how mental training and physical training work hand-in-hand to make you better.

Question: What can I expect from my investment in a 3-month program?

Answer: If you fully invest your time and effort into the pX Training Program, you will see results. Your mental game will improve and you will be a stronger competitor. If you are not able to dedicate the time and effort required to this kind of training, it is best to wait until you are.

Question: What is the engagement model for the 3-month program?

Answer: The pX Training Program is 12 weekly sessions for approximately 1 hour and the sessions are conducted via Skype. Students will have objectives assigned at the end of each session. These assignments may be written or they may be to practice a particular skill. Students are encouraged to text/call/email with any questions or concerns over the course of the week.

Question: What can I expect from my free consultation?

Answer: In the free consultation, we’ll discuss what you want from your sport and how mental toughness training can help you get there. If you have specific mental toughness challenges you want to tackle, the program can be tailored to help you overcome those challenges. After the consultation, you’ll know the full details of the program from a content and objectives perspective.

Question: Your background is mostly in tennis. How does that relate to other sports?

Answer: Brian has worked with athletes in many sports including football, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, rowing, boxing, and dressage. His love for competition allows him to appreciate any sport and his tennis background gives him a unique perspective on each student. See the Success Stories page for testimonials from athletes in a number of sports.  The pX Training Program teaches skills that are not only applicable to sport, but also to life.

Question: Where is PerformanceXtra located?

Answer: PerformanceXtra is based in the Boston area, but training sessions are conducted via Skype so location is not a concern. Regardless of location, Brian is also available for speaking at your school, business, or conference.

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