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Empty seats in a stadium

What does a return to sports look like?

April 28, 2020

Depending on your location, your ability to train and compete has been restricted for up to eight weeks or more. And, you’re probably tired of the situation. I think we are all starting to feel quarantine fatigue. It’s no longer novel. Is there an end in sight? Hopefully. Because as athletes and coaches, we want […]

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Man writing in journal

PERMA – E is for Engagement

April 21, 2020

During this lockdown for Covid-19, you are probably spending a lot more time at home than usual.  Are you bored yet?  Of course, there are a lot of things you could potentially be doing with your free time – if you have any.  Reading books, watching informative videos, taking online courses, etc. are all possible […]

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Two athletes demonstrating sportsmanship by fist bumping

The True Importance of Good Sportsmanship

April 15, 2020

In the philosophy of sport, the ethics of athletes’ behavior is a big focus. It should come as no surprise, then, that the idea of sportsmanship is a very popular subject for sports-minded thinkers. There isn’t an athlete or player out there that hasn’t heard all about it. But I don’t need to tell you […]

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Computer on desk

Mental Skills Training Plan for the Corporate Athlete

April 15, 2020

Do you work in an office or work for a company?  Perhaps you’re in sales.  If so, you’re not just an employee.  You’re also a corporate athlete.  And athletes have to train in order to manage their physical, mental, emotional, and motivational energy.  In today’s environment, that could be more challenging than ever. For many […]

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Tennis player

Practicing Against A Wall – Find A Way

April 8, 2020

In 1974, I started playing tennis.  I was 6, and tennis was booming in the US.  It was so popular, that it was difficult to get a court at our swim and tennis club.  Fortunately, there was a backboard.  It was always available. Over the next few years, that wooden backboard became my most reliable […]

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To Be Truly Great, You Must Be Humble

April 1, 2020

As athletes and high performers, we all have dreams of achieving true greatness.  But what is true greatness?  What does being great mean to you?  And how do you achieve it?  These are important questions to consider. And here is a first principle of being on the path to greatness: If you want to be […]

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PERMA – P is for Positive Emotions

March 30, 2020

Admittedly, it can be difficult to be positive during a global pandemic.  People are sick and many are dying.  The economy is shattered.  You’re probably concerned about your family, your health, money, food, safety, etc.  These primary concerns need your attention.  However, positive emotions can be helpful in getting you through this crisis.  They are […]

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Young tennis player ready to serve

Simplify – The Best Adjustment You Could Ever Make

March 26, 2020

One of the realities of sport, especially a sport like tennis, is that sometimes we don’t play well.  Sometimes things don’t go our way.  It could even be that the opponent is playing out of his or her mind – that’s annoying.  In these moments, our natural tendency is to be judgmental and overanalyze the […]

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Child smiling

Developing Coping Skills Through PERMA

March 25, 2020

Living during a global pandemic certainly presents its share of challenges and stressors.  How are you holding up?  Admittedly, it’s not easy to be plucked out of our normal lives and placed into lockdown.  We are all having to get used to different ways of doing things and taking care of ourselves.  And you may […]

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Building toward the end

Building Toward the End

June 12, 2019

In competition, you are always building toward some end, some culmination.  It might be the end of a tournament, the end of a match, or the end of a performance.  The present moment is almost never the end itself, but this is where things can get confusing.  What you are doing in the present moment […]

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The most important point

The Most Important Point

March 28, 2019

Note: Even though this post is written from the perspective of tennis, it applies to any sport in which the action can be broken down to the next play, the next pitch, the next possession, the next 1-on1 battle, the next move, the next moment, the next whatever. It’s always about what comes next. When […]

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Adversity Makes Us Better

March 15, 2019

One of the great paradoxes of striving for improvement and mastery is that we expend a lot of energy avoiding situations that will make us better. We avoid adversity. We avoid obstacles. We avoid challenges. But the reality is that all of these things are normal. Adversity is normal. Challenges are normal. Trying to avoid […]

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Leadership and Discipline – 50 for 50 Ideas #48 and #50

December 31, 2018

In my experience, athletes often want to be leaders. There’s a certain amount of prestige that comes with the title of leader or captain. It’s an honor. However, you don’t need a title to be a leader, and having a title doesn’t necessarily make you a good leader. A few years ago, I wrote a […]

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Turn Professional

Turn Professional in Preparation & Recovery – 50 for 50

December 9, 2018

In The War of Art, author Steven Pressfield writes about the attitude of going pro in the things that you do. The true professional doesn’t wing it every day. He or she knows what it takes to be successful, and does those things systematically. There are no shortcuts, only the commitment to do what is […]

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Vision and Skin Care – 50 for 50 Ideas 39 and 41

November 20, 2018

Idea #39 – Get your vision checked In April of 1990, I started working at Shawmut Bank in downtown Boston. It was my first job in the big city, and I was excited about it. Unfortunately, that’s when my vision problems began. For several hours per day, I was staring at a mainframe terminal with […]

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