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How Marcus Aurelius Cultivated His Mental Toughness

October 17, 2019

Marcus Aurelius was Emperor of Rome in the 2nd Century, ruling from 161 to 180 A.D. He is counted among the “Five Good Emperors,” and his reign marked the end of the Pax Romana, a two hundred year period marked by peace and stability in the Roman Empire. Unfortunately for Marcus, his reign wasn’t a […]

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How Your Emotions Are Sabotaging Your Performance

October 4, 2019

Can you remember the last time you let your emotions get the best of you?  The last time you lost your composure while under pressure?  Our emotional reactions towards tough challenges can lead us to act in ways we shouldn’t and prevent us from performing at our best.  But, facing down adversity is an inherent […]

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Building toward the end

Building Toward the End

June 12, 2019

In competition, you are always building toward some end, some culmination.  It might be the end of a tournament, the end of a match, or the end of a performance.  The present moment is almost never the end itself, but this is where things can get confusing.  What you are doing in the present moment […]

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The most important point

The Most Important Point

March 28, 2019

Note: Even though this post is written from the perspective of tennis, it applies to any sport in which the action can be broken down to the next play, the next pitch, the next possession, the next 1-on1 battle, the next move, the next moment, the next whatever. It’s always about what comes next. When […]

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Serena and Mental Toughness

Serena Williams: Who is to blame for US Open controversy?

September 10, 2018

The 2018 US Open Women’s final between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka was unfortunately marred by controversy. Many opinions have been expressed about what happened on the court and the fairness of it all. Was this a case of a chair umpire overstepping his bounds? Or perhaps this was a case of a frustrated player […]

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Interview on Business Innovators Radio

April 12, 2018

Recently, I was interviewed on Business Innovators Radio, and I discussed my approach to competitive skills training for teams and individuals.  It was a great opportunity for me to share some of the secrets of mental toughness with an audience on a national platform.  If you have the time, please listen to the interview below.  […]

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50 for 50 Idea # 12: Start a Training Journal

March 22, 2018

One of the secrets of elite performers in any context (music, sport, dance, etc.) is the concept of deliberate practice. Most people don’t practice their skills with clear intentions, but the best performers always have a specific focus when they practice or train. It is this focus that allows them to improve faster and reach […]

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50 for 50 Idea #4: Start a reading habit

February 5, 2018

Do you like to read? Perhaps yes, perhaps no, or perhaps you’re indifferent to it. Whatever your view may be, my goal is to recruit a few more of you into the group of reading lovers because there are so many benefits to it, including for your performance in sport and in life. When I […]

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What’s the deal with emotions in college tennis?

June 13, 2017

This post has been on my mind for awhile and I’m writing it for all of those young tennis players who aspire to play college tennis. I want you to be prepared for what you are going to experience, and at the same time, I want you to apply the actions and principles of mental […]

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Feeling Pressure? Get Excited!

May 25, 2017

As a competitor, it’s a near certainty that you get nervous from time to time, both before you play and during competition. Fear is the emotion that drives your nerves. Why is this? What are you afraid of? I was at the New England Academy of Tennis earlier this week and I asked the players […]

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The Mental Game at the end of the game

April 3, 2017

The other night, I happened to tune in to the University of Connecticut versus Mississippi State women’s basketball Final Four game during the 3rd quarter and was intrigued by how close the score was. UConn has been dominating the sport of women’s college basketball for some time, and a close game was a rarity for […]

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Super Bowl Breakdown: Patriots vs Falcons

February 9, 2017

Hey, did you see that Super Bowl comeback by the Patriots? Pretty amazing, right? Personally, I found it intriguing because of the mental game and how each team handled the competitive pressure. There were a number of mental toughness concepts at play in this game so I wanted to break them down for you so […]

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Don’t React, Act!

January 25, 2017

Yesterday, I was having a conversation with a couple of coaches and we were discussing the different types of focus (process goals) that an athlete should have for practice and for a game. One of the coaches has a friend who is a sport psychology professional at a large academy, and he told me that […]

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Want a Confidence Boost? Use Your Voice!

November 15, 2016

We all know that Confidence is a key component of good performance and the notion that “confidence is a choice” should be obvious. However, many athletes choose not to be confident and therefore make the road to good performance more difficult. Knowing that Confidence and Mental Toughness is first driven by your actions – which […]

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Do You Know How to Play Badly Well?

November 3, 2016

“The worse you’re performing, the more you must work mentally and emotionally. The greatest and toughest art in golf is playing badly well. All the true greats have been masters at it.” — Jack Nicklaus Ah, I love this quote from all-time golf great, Jack Nicklaus. When I read the phrase “playing badly well”, I […]

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