Backside of greek statue, a muscular man with Askēsis

Askēsis: Stoic Ethics For Reaching Your Highest Potential

October 31, 2019

Every competitor is familiar with the necessity of training. This is nothing new. Everyone knows they need self-discipline to achieve success in any endeavor, whether that be in sports or otherwise. But many of us have difficulty in acting as disciplined as we could be. Some days we’re not feeling it. Some days we’re feeling […]

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Three Ways Stoicism Can Foster The Flow State

October 24, 2019

Can you think back to a past performance where you killed it? I mean, really killed it? Can you remember how good it felt? How effortless it felt to perform so well? Are you struggling to get that feeling back? Are you chasing that state of flow? A “flow state” is when you’re fully immersed […]

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How Marcus Aurelius Cultivated His Mental Toughness

October 17, 2019

Marcus Aurelius was Emperor of Rome in the 2nd Century, ruling from 161 to 180 A.D. He is counted among the “Five Good Emperors,” and his reign marked the end of the Pax Romana, a two hundred year period marked by peace and stability in the Roman Empire. Unfortunately for Marcus, his reign wasn’t a […]

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How Your Emotions Are Sabotaging Your Performance

October 4, 2019

Can you remember the last time you let your emotions get the best of you?  The last time you lost your composure while under pressure?  Our emotional reactions towards tough challenges can lead us to act in ways we shouldn’t and prevent us from performing at our best.  But, facing down adversity is an inherent […]

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Episode 5: Jerry Albrikes

August 8, 2019

I have been fortunate to know some great coaches and great people in my life, and the guest on this episode of the PerformanceXtra podcast is one of them: Jerry Albrikes.  Jerry is a man of good character, and he brings that to all of his interactions on the court whether that is as a […]

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Building toward the end

Building Toward the End

June 12, 2019

In competition, you are always building toward some end, some culmination.  It might be the end of a tournament, the end of a match, or the end of a performance.  The present moment is almost never the end itself, but this is where things can get confusing.  What you are doing in the present moment […]

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Amy Hanson-Kuleszka

Episode 4: Amy Hanson-Kuleszka

June 10, 2019

On this episode of the PerformanceXtra podcast, I talk to Amy Hanson-Kuleszka, a figure skating coach in the Boston, MA area.  Figure skating is an incredibly difficult sport, and Amy is one of the best coaches around.  But Amy is more than a figure skating coach.  She’s a valuable mentor for her students, and she […]

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The most important point

The Most Important Point

March 28, 2019

Note: Even though this post is written from the perspective of tennis, it applies to any sport in which the action can be broken down to the next play, the next pitch, the next possession, the next 1-on1 battle, the next move, the next moment, the next whatever. It’s always about what comes next. When […]

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Adversity Makes Us Better

March 15, 2019

One of the great paradoxes of striving for improvement and mastery is that we expend a lot of energy avoiding situations that will make us better. We avoid adversity. We avoid obstacles. We avoid challenges. But the reality is that all of these things are normal. Adversity is normal. Challenges are normal. Trying to avoid […]

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Alex Johansson

Episode 3: Alex Johansson

March 7, 2019

Alex Johansson is the Director of the New England Tennis Academy at Longfellow Natick (MA), and is one of the best tennis coaches in the business.  He has spent the last 16 years in junior tennis development, and has helped more than 40 players to reach their goal of playing college tennis.  Before becoming a […]

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